Wait to Enjoy a Movie

video and sculpture installation
video duration: 30,996,803 minutes
dimensions variable

Wait to Enjoy a Movie is a sculptural space created to investigate the architecture of waiting and amplify the thinking within it. It deconstructs common assumptions of waiting and entertainment, exposes their inner contradictions, and provokes the audience to reflect on the action of waiting.

The project is constructed as two adjacent rooms: a screening room and a waiting room. Movies showing in the screening room are re-edited such that their time-skipping cuts are replaced by real time empty sequences. A typical 90-minute piece of entertainment becomes years and decades long. The program includes six 2015 Academy Award Winning films scheduled in the following order: Birdman(33,165 minutes), Whiplash(525,697 minutes), Big Hero 6(4,4647 minutes), Boyhood(5,898,276 minutes), Ida(120,967 minutes), and Interstellar(30,996,803 minutes). The calculation of their duration is based on varies of evidences: clocks showing in the frame, characters' lines mentioning the time, shots of sun or moon's position in sky, shots of routine actions, etc.

The Waiting room lives in both the hiatus of the movie reality and the intervals of real life. It provides an isolated place to wait for the upcoming shots, which have become the trivial part of the movies. The shots that are being waited for are not important, but the present living experience of one's everyday being. An active inaction is greater than a passive action.